Understanding Your Vaginal Care Routine

A proper vaginal care routine is a must for women who are in their reproductive age and are concerned about vaginal infection. Proper vaginal care involves taking in proper amount of food, drinking enough water and having the right amount of exercise. These vaginal care routines include routine cleaning of the genital area, timely cleansing before sexual intercourse and avoiding vaginal bacteria that leads to bacterial vaginosis.

vaginal care routines

It is essential for women to maintain vaginal hygiene by cleaning it twice every day. They can either do it with soap and water or other preferred hygiene products. Women can choose to use vaginal products that have alcohol content. This will ensure better cleaning and ridding of vaginal discharge. The frequency of washing the vaginal area will also depend on the type of vaginal care routine you have. For instance, if you are using antibacterial soaps, you may need to wash your vaginal area at least twice a day and use moisturizers to preserve vaginal hygiene.

Having vaginal care routines also involves the use of special vaginal care products. The most common among these products are sanitary napkins and lubricants. You should wipe off vaginal discharge from the vaginal area regularly. You can use pre-moistened tissues for wiping off vaginal discharge especially after sex or when you have just taken a bath. You can also use moistened tissues for wiping off vaginal discharge if you are going to exercise, swim or have a shower.

Another important vaginal hygiene practice is vaginal odor removal. It is important to remove vaginal odor because it may have an effect on your sexual partner. If you are sexually active, you must have regular checkup with your gynecologist regarding your vaginal hygiene routine.

You must have regular vaginal cleansing. This practice involves taking out the normal discharge from the vagina and using unscented soap or feminine wash for washing the vaginal area twice a day. You can also use a cotton pad to blot off vaginal discharge if you do not feel comfortable wiping it off. Vaginal hygiene includes having a regular bowel movement. It is important to clean the inside of the vagina to remove the accumulation of dead cells which cause vaginal odor.

You must use cotton panties instead of synthetic fabrics. These are recommended as they are more comfortable to wear. Wearing tight jeans or panties may irritate your vaginal area and may make matters worse. Other important aspects of vaginal hygiene include shaving pubic hair and keeping pubic hair under control. You should keep your vaginal area clean and dry all the time. If you follow vaginal care routines correctly, you can easily improve your vaginal hygiene and remove unwanted vaginal odor.