Vaginal Care Routines – How To Keep Your Vagina Hygienic And Clean At All Times

When it comes to vaginal care routines, there are many different things that need to be taken into consideration. The first step in vaginal care routines is to ensure proper hygiene. This means making sure you shower and bathe at least once a day, particularly after sex. If you are a smoker then make sure you stop as soon as possible as this can greatly increase your chances of contracting vaginal odor. It can also make vaginal odor worse so you should try to cut down as much as possible.

vaginal care routines

Other vaginal care tips include making sure you wear the right kind of underwear. The types of underwear you wear will have a big bearing on whether or not you suffer from vaginal odor. Most underwear is made from Lycra, which is a breathable material that makes it very easy to wear and allows your vaginal area to “breathe”. Whilst some types of underwear are made from cotton which will cause an increase in vaginal odor.

A lot of vaginal odor comes from poor hygiene, so it is worth trying to make sure your vagina smells good at all times. There are various types of deodorants you can buy. Some work very well, especially after you have bathed and they can help to reduce vaginal odor. However if you want the best effect you will have to keep using the product. This is because every time you remove the deodorant from your vagina, you will also “re-appear” with a fresh layer of vaginal odor. You could try sticking a tissue into your vaginal area after you bathe to lift any bacteria that may have been trapped there after you have removed the deodorant.

Another one of the more advanced vaginal care routines involves having regular cleaning sessions with your partner. You should ideally go through a period of two weeks where you do not have intercourse but keep your vaginal area clean and as free of odour as possible. Once you have been able to effectively control vaginal odor you will then be able to have intercourse and enjoy your sex life more than ever before. If you use a product to keep it smelling fresh and you are diligent about cleaning it from time to time you will never have to worry about vaginal odor again.

Of course these are only two of the many vaginal care routines, you could choose to follow. It is important that you work on all of them together so that your vaginal odor is kept under control. This way you will be able to focus on all of the amazing benefits of having a healthy vagina rather than constantly worrying about whether you have an unsightly vaginal blemish.

In conclusion there are many vaginal care routines you could follow. The most important thing is to keep your vaginal area clean at all times. If you feel you need more help finding a suitable product to help you with your problem, check out the many online sites available. It could be worth talking to your doctor or gynecologist first though if you find something doesn’t seem right. They can give you advice and point you in the right direction on using natural products that can help you get rid of your vaginal odor and get your vagina back into tip top shape.